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Care Link PERS Installation Guide

Personal Emergency Response System
  1. The box should contain a panel, a telephone cord, a transformer (plug in) and a panic button.

  2. Turn on power using ON/OFF button at back (power should never be turned off once unit is plugged in.

  3. Plug panel into electrical outlet.  Choose a location near the centre of your home.

  4. Plug phone cord into port on unit labeled “LINE” then plug other end into the jack in your wall.  If using this jack for a  telephone, plug telephone into port on unit labeled “PHONE”.

  5. Program system time.  Remove panel cover by pulling up on tab at top end of panel.  Enter access code 1, 2, 3, 4.  Press Clock Set (top of second column), Use the Hours + and – buttons (top 2 buttons of third column) to set hours then use the Minutes + and – buttons (top 2 buttons of fourth column) to set the minutes.  Once completed press Done (big button on right).  Replace panel cover.  It will click into place.

  6. Call the monitoring station at (800) 465-4166 to advise them that you have installed your Care Link and would now like to test the two-way voice.  The monitoring station may request your Passcard (identification code that you chose earlier when meeting with sales rep).

  7. Press the panic pendant.  The panel will announce “Contacting emergency number, please remain calm”.  The Emergency Dispatcher will communicate to you through the speaker on your system (may take up to 1 minute).  Please bear in mind that if the emergency dispatch centre operators are all dealing with emergencies they may not be able to respond to your test signal immediately.  If that is the case they will contact you as soon as they are available so that you can try again.  Sorry.  Emergencies come first.

  8. Once the Emergency Dispatcher is on the line and communicating to you through the speaker, walk around your home while continuing to speak with the dispatcher.  This will allow you to determine how well you will hear them and they will hear you in different areas of your home.

  9. Once testing is completed, call (800) 465-4166 to advise them to take your Care Link off test.

Congratulations, you can now feel secure knowing that Care Link, 24 Hour Medical Alarm Response is ready to call any time you need us

With CareLink Advantage I can continue to live in my apartment on my own. That’s what I want. And I do feel safer knowing the kids are connected to me and ready to help should I need it.  
Yvonne W.  
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Care Link Advantage Care Link PERS Medical Information Files
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