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Mobile Alert System

Family Members

"It's easy to use, Even notifications are logical and can be figured out on your own. I can really undersand what her day is like based on activities logged in the history tab. Government really should pay for this because it is keeping her at home. I would have brought her to the hospital by now if she did not have this system in her house. It allows me to know how "bad" things really are, or are not. If I did not have it I would be guessing and the stress would have caused me to bring her to the hospital by now."  Wendy H (AB).

"This has enabled her to stay in her home longer, and stalling the admission to a retirement home, AND WE DECLINED a LTCF BED! CareLink Advantage is costing us about $1,200.00 less per month than the alternative we were considering. It absolutely has reduced our stress. Medication management and monitoring the doors are huge to us!!! I feel it is a wonderful alternative for seniors who wish to stay at home longer and delay the cost of alternate living whether it is a retirement home setting or LTCF or even implementing home care services. I love the CareLink Advantage system, and it has been worth every penny!"Lena A (ON).

"I am so happy with Care Link. You have made things so easy and simple and so non-invasive for my mom and us as a family. There is nothing that I would change about it and there is nothing I don't like about it. I really don't know how I could get along without it now. Mom seems relieved that I am "peeking at her" as she calls it.. lol.. and it's such a relief to able to check on her whenever I want.

Before I had CareLink, I was making trips up to mom's frequently to check on her when she didn't answer the phone, especially at night! Now I just go on line and check and she is usually turned away from the phone and didn't hear it. I always worried about someone getting in the house at night, even though the door was locked. Now the alarm rings if anyone goes in after a certain time at night. Such peace of mind! I really don't think mom could still be at home without Care Link... it has become a very important part of her care. I hope more people will be able to have access to it." 
Sharen M (NB).

"Just writing to let you know how the system is working for us. We are overall very pleased with our system. The cameras are great. They definitely remove a lot of worry for us. We can periodically check on Mom during the day and make sure she is okay. The motion detectors work well also as we can track what time she goes to bed and gets up. The contacts on the back door let us know when she is letting the dog in and out and we have received calls at night, as occasionally he had to go out. We were not aware this was happening. This is a good tool for us because we can then go to the video and make sure she is back in the house and has not accidentally locked herself out. The only part of our system that isn't working quite as we planned is the medicine box. We had hoped that with the contact on the box we could track when it was opened and closed therefore feeling confident that she had taken her medication as that is a problem for us with her memory loss. This however is not working for us as she frequently opens and closes it during the day because she can't remember what is in that box. We have not really figured out a way to monitor the medication yet. For the time being we try to check the video around her mealtime and call her to get her pills. The only other down side of this system is the video in the evening as Mom has very light sensitive eyes so she keeps her lights very dim and it is hard to see her in the video unless she moves. Low light cameras would be a bonus for us. We feel this system is an excellent way of monitoring Mom without really bothering her. We do not discuss the system with her and she has pretty much forgot it is there. This system is an economical way for us to keep her in her home. We are very much satisfied and tell all of our friends with elderly parents about it." Betty M.

"My parents live 500 miles away.  I was worried sick about them.  But now I know that if anything goes wrong, Care Link Advantage will notify me immediately, no matter where I am." Paul C.

"I have a husband and kids of my own, as well as a job.  Care Link makes it so much easier for me to stay connected to my father, watching over him to make sure he’s ok." Marie T.

"We used to stop what we were doing to call mom or go over to ensure all was well.  This created lots of anxiety not only for us, but also for mom who would get agitated with all our calls and visits.  Now I don’t worry about her as often, and when I do I jump on the computer to check on her.  The anxiety has gone down for all of us.  Mom’s blood pressure is down for the first time in a long time.  I think it is because she is more relaxed and content." Betty M.

"After we put the system in, we discovered that on occasion mom would open the back door to bring the dog in and out late at night.  This frightened us.  What if she slipped on the back stairs while outside?  Or what if she locked herself out by mistake.  Now we are alerted if that door opens late at night, and we can check in via the cameras to make certain she is safely back inside."  Betty M.

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My parents live 500 miles away. I was worried sick about them. But now I know that if anything goes wrong, CareLink Advantage will notify me immediately, no matter where I am.  
Paul C.  
Care Link Advantage Helpline PERS/GPS Medical Information Files
Care Link Advantage Helpline PERS/GPS Medical Information Files
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