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Frequently Asked Questions

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Care Link PERS (Personal Emergency Response System)

What is the difference between Care Link PERS and Care Link Advantage?

Care Link PERS is a personal emergency response unit (PERS).  You push a pendant and are instantly connected via hands free two-way voice communication to the emergency dispatchers.  It relies on you pushing the button in case of an emergency.  Care Link Advantage has all the features and benefits of the Care Link PERS unit, but it goes far beyond that.  The user does not necessarily have to push a button for you to know they are not “Up & About” and are in need of assistance.  It will also reach out and notify you if your loved one has wandered out of their home when they are not supposed to, if they have not taken their medication, if they have left a door or window open… 

How does the Care Link PERS System work?

You will receive a small, lightweight Personal Help Button that you wear either around your neck, clipped onto clothing or on your wrist.  It is water resistant so you can wear it in the shower or tub. The important thing is if you ever need help, all you do is push the button you are wearing.  Our emergency dispatch station will immediately call in to have a hands free two-way conversation with you through a little console that is plugged in at your house.  At this time you may say something to us like, "I don't need an ambulance, but would you please call my son/daughter, neighbour, or friend?"  It's not always a paramedic emergency and we are going to do pretty much whatever it is you ask us to do.  However, if we are unable to speak with you or you say it's an emergency, we would immediately dispatch the local paramedics to your house. This procedure can be changed according to your wishes.

Do we have to commit to a minimum term with this service?

We have no minimum contract term for our Care Link PERS services.  You utilize it for as long as you need it.  We are happy to be able to help out for as long as you feel we are needed. 

Who gets notified in the event of an emergency?

When the subscriber is first setup with the system, a Subscriber Information Form will be completed. The profile will contain the information of anyone you would like us to contact in case of an emergency. The Subscriber Information Form will also include information about a key lockbox location and any other special instructions.

How close to the console do I need to be in order to be heard?

The system we use is very sensitive. In the average home we can usually speak with you regardless of what room of the house you are in.  However, all homes are unique so please test your system when it is installed so you know the full extent of your coverage for both the pendant as well as the two-way voice. Also understand that we have had people in the very room where the system is located who were unable to speak with us.  Perhaps because of a heart attack, stroke, or choking on something.  In that case, we would immediately dispatch local paramedics to your house.

Does the Care Link PERS System work outside?

Yes. If you should have a problem outside the house, the pendant portion of the system will still work.  However, we are not going to be able to speak with you because you are outside, but we will know you are in trouble and we will dispatch paramedic rescue to your house.  Once again, all homes and yards are unique so please test your system to that you know the physical limits of the pendant coverage. 

What happens if I cannot talk or respond to you after I press my pendant?

If we are unable to speak with you, we will assume it is a medical emergency and immediately dispatch emergency rescue personnel to your house. Once emergency assistance is dispatched and is en-route, the emergency dispatcher will attempt to contact someone on your emergency call list to let them know that the system has been activated and help is on the way. This procedure can be changed according to your wishes. 

How will emergency personnel get into my home?

Should we have to call paramedics, we would immediately call any friends/neighbors/family members on your contact list that have a key to your home and live close enough to meet the response personnel and open the door. It is highly recommended that you utilize a Key Lock Box outside your home. The dispatcher can give the combination to the emergency rescue personnel only at the time of the emergency. This can assist emergency rescue personnel in gaining entry without breaking doors or windows to gain access.

What happens if my electricity goes out?

The system has a battery back-up that will operate the unit for up to 24 hours after an electrical outage.  When power is restored the battery recharges, so it is ready for any additional power outage.

Can I set-up the Care Link PERS System myself?

Yes! The Care Link PERS System is designed to be very easy to install and sets-up much like a standard answering machine.

Here is how easy it is:
1. Plug the Care Link PERS system unit into a power outlet
2. Plug the Care Link PERS system unit into a telephone jack
3. Plug the phone into the Care Link PERS system unit
4. Test the system (instructions included)

Do I need a special phone jack in order to have your system?

No special type of jack or special wiring is required in order for the Care Link PERS System to work. However you will need a regular modular phone jack to plug your alarm into.  It will work off your existing modular phone jack and will not affect your phone or any other item plugged into the jack.

Can I take the Care Link PERS System with me if I move?

Yes.  Simply give us 24 hours prior written notice so that we can update your file with the new address and telephone number, and test the system back through to us once you install it.

I have a rotary phone line, will that affect the system?

Not at all.  Our system will work with either a rotary/pulse or tone phone line. Simply be sure to let us know when you subscribe that you have a rotary phone.

Is the emergency dispatch center available 24/7?

Yes. The emergency dispatchers are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - including holidays.

How big is the Personal Help Button and console?

The console is about the size of your average telephone and sits easily on any table, counter or desk.  Your Personal Help Button is about the size of an average watch, lightweight (5 grams) and is not cumbersome in any way. 

Is the Personal Help Button easy to push?

The Personal Help Button is recessed to avoid false activations. It only needs to be depressed for a short period of time (1-2 sec.).

Can I use the Personal Help Button in the shower?

Yes! Your Personal Help Button is water resistant.

How long do the Personal Help Button batteries last?

The long-life lithium-ion batteries will normally last 3-4 years.  As they start to weaken, the unit will send a signal to us and we will arrange to change the battery.

What happens if I accidentally set off my Care Link PERS System alarm?

If you should ever accidentally set off your alarm that's ok. Just tell the operator who comes on the voice unit that you accidentally pressed the button.  They will then disconnect and no further action would be taken.  We are there 24 hours a day and are happy to assist you.

I live in a remote rural area, can I still be covered?

Yes, you can have your service ANYWHERE in North America! You simply need to have telephone service available at your location.

How long does it take to talk to a dispatcher after I press my Personal Help Button?

About 35 seconds later, a personal dispatch operator will announce themselves over the base console's 2-way intercom and will be able to have a hands free two way conversation with you.

If something should ever go wrong with my Care Link PERS, how do I get it fixed?

If it is a rental system there is no charge for most repairs. If owned, your Care Link PERS System is initially covered by our one-year labour, three-year parts warranty. Service is provided by our trained technicians. If you should ever have a problem, simply call our toll free number (866) 876-7401.  If for some reason, we cannot resolve the problem over the phone, we will send you a replacement that day.

Can I update and change information after I set up the system?

Certainly! Just give us a call letting us know what information you wish to change or update. Unlimited changes and updates are included at no extra cost!

I'm ordering this alarm for my parents, but I want to be the one billed for it.  Is this possible?

Yes. Simply give us your billing instructions and we would be happy to bill you instead of the person using the alarm.

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We used to stop what we were doing to call mom or go over to ensure all was well. This created lots of anxiety not only for us, but also for mom who would get agitated with all our calls and visits. Now I don’t worry about her as often, and when I do I jump on the computer to check on her.  
Betty M.  
Care Link Advantage Care Link PERS Medical Information Files
Care Link Advantage Care Link PERS Medical Information Files
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