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Homecare Providers

"She (next of kin) informed me that since installing Care Link, she is now able to sleep at night, whereas prior, she was always awake at night, anxiety ridden over her motherís safety. Her mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimerís disease which has advanced rapidly. Prior to services being put into place, family had decided to place their motherís name on the waitlist for nursing home placement, however since installing Care Link, they have decided to postpone this decision since their motherís needs for care and supervision are met through a combination of formal supports (17 hours per week) and this system.
While family may still need to consider Nursing Home Placement in the future, this system combined with formal supports, has helped them to honour their motherís wish to remain in her own home for the time being.
I would not hesitate to recommend this system again in the future!"
Ashley McDavid, Long Term Care & Disability Support Services,New Brunswick

"Family members from some of our pilot participants in New Brunswick have told us they have decided not to apply for a nursing home bed for their parent because of what the CareLink Advantage system is doing for them as a caregiver." Barb Burnett, Executive Director, The Atlantic Institute On Aging.

"We can manage twice as many residents with these systems than without, because it delivers exception reporting and instant alerts and notifications.  So we save substantially on labor, while improving the quality of care and dignity for our residents." Allen R, President of a Non-Profit Homecare Services Company








My parents live 500 miles away. I was worried sick about them. But now I know that if anything goes wrong, CareLink Advantage will notify me immediately, no matter where I am.  
Paul C.  
Care Link Advantage Helpline PERS/GPS Medical Information Files
Care Link Advantage Helpline PERS/GPS Medical Information Files
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