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Frequently Asked Questions

Medication Cards

Medical Information Files

Do paramedics know about the Care Link Medical Information Files?

Yes.  When introducing the Medical Information Files into a community we always introduce them to the paramedics.  To date, the paramedics in all cities where we distribute the files have chosen to order some to give to the general public.

What information do Care Link Medical Information Files provide?

The cards have various categories such as allergies, medications, respiratory, cardiovascular, blood disorders, neurological, other (includes kidney, liver, infectious diseases, cancer .....).  Each category gets into more specific information.

How can I go about introducing the Care Link Medical Information File in my community?

Contact us.  We’ll put you in touch with the Care Link Advantage dealer nearest you so that you can ensure that efforts have not already begun to introduce them to your community.  If there is not already a dealer in your area, we will be glad to provide our knowledge and expertise to help you to bring them to your community.

What happens when my medical information changes?

We provide three cards in each file.  When information changes and it can no longer be clearly marked on the existing card, a new card can be used.  If a person runs out of cards, they simply call the number on the cards to obtain more.

How do paramedics know that the Medical Information File can is present when they respond to a call?

Decals are placed on the doors of the home.  Paramedics recognize the decal and know that the file can be found on the person’s refrigerator.

Do emergency room physicians use the Medical Information File?

Absolutely.  When someone is brought to the hospital by paramedics or a family member, the file goes with them.  ER physicians are very grateful for the information the files provide.

If the person being treated by paramedics is non-responsive, how do they know that the information on the card relates to that person?

Our instruction sheet advises Medical Information File users to attach a photo of themselves to their card. 

Can I have some Care Link Medical Information Files for my group?

Yes.  We can provide them to you at our cost.  However, in order for the files to be very effective, paramedics must know they are there.  It is best to introduce the files to a city or area on a large scale all at once and to have the paramedics on side.  Otherwise they don’t know about them or they see the decals so rarely that they do not recognize them.  They’re not likely to stop and read a decal.  Introducing them on a large scale with paramedics on side ensures that they recognize the decal at a glance and know to find the file on the refrigerator. 

What do Care Link Medical Information Files Cost?

They are free to individuals wanting them for personal use.  Due to cost constraints, we do not mail them.  Our cost is currently $2.05 ea. + taxes.  We provide them, at this price, to organizations who wish to give them away.

I thought I heard that Care Link Medical Information Files were given to organizations by the thousands as free giveaways.

Care Link originally designed the Medical Information File for the use of it’s PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) clients.  We did so because we realized that clients were not always able to effectively communicate with paramedics or physicians when they pressed their emergency response buttons and we dispatched help.  Once we had a prototype and introduced them to the paramedics they wanted some of their own to give away.  We gave away several thousand files and spent tens of thousands doing so.  As the program expanded into new cities we quickly realized that we could not afford to continue giving them away.  If there is a Care Link Advantage dealer in your area, you can ask them if they would be willing to partner with you to bring the Medical Information File to your city.

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We used to stop what we were doing to call mom or go over to ensure all was well. This created lots of anxiety not only for us, but also for mom who would get agitated with all our calls and visits. Now I don’t worry about her as often, and when I do I jump on the computer to check on her.  
Betty M.  
Care Link Advantage Helpline PERS/GPS Medical Information Files
Care Link Advantage Helpline PERS/GPS Medical Information Files
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