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Medical Information Files

"Since we started handing out the kits in the community, we find that we are seeing the histories come in with patients. When patients present to the Emergency Department, the stress they are under as a result of their medical crisis makes it very difficult for them to recall the detail of their medical history and medications they are on. This has proven to be such a valuable tool at a time when people are most vulnerable.” Ann Loyst, Emergency Dept. Mgr., Medicine Care Centre, North Bay General Hospital

“We have received only positive feedback from our members and other emergency first responders in our community specific to your program. There is no doubt that this initiative has significantly enhanced our ability to care for the citizens we serve.  We wish to thank Care Link for spear heading this program and for your contribution to the well being of the citizens in North Bay and area.” Paul D. Cook, Chief of Police, North Bay Police



It’s a convenient and easily recognized place to store important medical information and all your prescription information.             

Joe Nicholls, Chief of Emergency Services, City of Greater Sudbury  
Care Link Advantage Care Link PERS Medical Information Files
Care Link Advantage Care Link PERS Medical Information Files
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