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Senior Living Solutions
January, 2019
Listen in on how CareLink Advantage is helping keep loved ones living safely and independently at home, while providing peace of mind to families.

Article and Audio

September, 2018
Worried about a loved-one living alone? Wondering how to keep them safe at home? CareLink Advantage and Helpline can assist! Please visit us on page 19, of the Summer issue of 50+ Lifestyle magazine.


Jan, 2018
A good read on the correlation of Loneliness and Health


Spring, 2017
Read about CareLink Advantage featured in Neighbours in Aging Quarterly.
Feb, 2017
Caring for a Loved-One Long Distance or Local? Read How CareLink Advantage is Help Caregivers and Their Families


Oct, 2016
Read how CareLink Advantage enables seniors to live safely and independently in their own home, in a recent article entitled “Wired at Home”, published by Sage, Fall 2016.
May, 2016
CareLink Advantage Awarded 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year by Bell Business Excellence and Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

Canadian Business : CareLink Advantage changing how we care for Seniors

July, 2015
CareLink Advantage and our associated Personal Emergency Response Division, Helpline, introduces two New Mobile GPS Products.

Our Mobile, 2-way voice Button, provides peace of mind for your loved one who may be out and about or at home; at the click of a button, speak with a trained emergency dispatcher who can send assistance to your location.

Our Personal GPS watch, is for the individual with dementia that may wander. With geo-fencing capabilities, you can be notified if they go beyond a pre-determined safe-zone.

For more information, click here

June, 2014
CareLink Advantage Helping Families and Their Loved Ones in Grey Bruce County

Grey Bruce This Week - Page 5

Grey Bruce This Week - Page 21

Mar, 2014
CareLink Advantage keeps seniors safe while maintaining their independence


Mar, 2014
March, 2013
November, 2012
CareLink Advantage And Cambrian College Testing Technology To Help Seniors Live Safely and Independently At Home

For 12 weeks, 4 Cambrian Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) students will be conducting an important study that will test technology that may reduce health care costs and substantially improve Ontario seniors’ lives, and those of their caregivers, by helping seniors to stay safely in their own homes for longer periods of time.

John Whitehead demonstrating the benefits of the CareLink Advantage Med-Sure Stand.

Using a combination of technologies that include door contacts, motion sensors, bed sensors, medication monitors, remote-controlled video cameras, and an online monitoring program, CareLink Advantage, a Sudbury-based business, has been providing services that help seniors live at home, even with serious health challenges. Students will be testing the system with the help of 20 local seniors and their caregivers. Ten seniors will have the technology installed in their homes, and the other 10 will live in their homes without the benefit of this technology. The study will commence in January.

CareLink President John Whitehead said he is confident that his “made in Sudbury solution” will help Ontario seniors who want to live independently, because it provides caregivers with powerful tools to perform their roles with less stress and anxiety. This reduces caregiver burnout, which is a major reason why many seniors are moved to a higher level of care. “The idea for this technology started when my mother was diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease,” explained Whitehead. “She wanted to stay in her home, but caring for her was taking a toll on my siblings and my family. Now that we’ve refined the technology, we’ve been able to improve lives, save healthcare costs, and allow seniors to live in their own homes, where the majority of them prefer to be.”

Whitehead says the technology has been proven effective in other provinces, reducing public healthcare costs. “CareLink Advantage has already helped families across this country to keep their loved ones living independently in their own homes longer,” he explains. “The end result has been a reduced demand for assisted living services and for long-term care beds, and in some cases, a reduction in the demand for alternate long-term care beds.”

The government of New Brunswick fully funds the service; the government of Alberta has completed a pilot project and is working on funding models; and a pilot project is underway in British Columbia with the intention of funding CareLink Advantage services in that province. Whitehead hopes that the Cambrian study will prove the effectiveness of the technology to the province of Ontario, so that our government will fund the service.

John Whitehead, President of CareLink Advantage holding the Med-Sure Stand with Cambrian College President, Sylvia Barnard.

Cambrian President Sylvia Barnard said the collaboration with CareLink is one of dozens that the College has on the go right now. “Applied Research at Cambrian is showing remarkable growth since the opening of our Xstrata Nickel Sustainable Energy Centre,” she explained. “With new labs to conduct research, and a team to manage projects and create collaborative partnerships, our faculty and students are engaged across the College in projects that vary in size and scope.”

Cambrian’s research with CareLink Advantage is supported by $30,000 in funding from the Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation (CONII). “This partnership is another example of what CONII does for its 23 member colleges, business, and students,” says Executive Director Vanessa Williamson. “Colleges have the expertise, technology, and facilities that many innovative businesses rely on to conduct research that can solve practical problems and help bring their products to market. This project is very exciting because the outcome is expected to help families and seniors who need help living safely in their own homes.”

Applied Research at Cambrian College
Applied research identifies, tests, and finds practical solutions to improve processes, systems, technologies, and tools used in any industry or service. Cambrian’s Department of Planning and Research advances College, industry and community problem-solving capabilities through applied research projects and services that involve research grant submissions and project management; strategic partnership development; technology and intellectual property transfer; and the generation of new knowledge for the betterment of our community.

November, 2012
CBC Reports: Sudbury Innovation To Help Alzheimer’s Patients…

To hear the interview with John Whitehead and The CBC’s Steven Howard

Video Link
November, 2012
November, 2012
November, 2012
Technology could ease pressure on health system

Cambrian partners with CareLink for study

November, 2012
Sudburian Receives National Recognition For Innovative Services That Enable Seniors To Safely Age In Their Homes With Dignity & Independence

The Canadian Home Care Association honoured Sudbury businessman John Whitehead with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for outstanding home care leadership in Canada, November, 2012 -

Diamond Jubilee Award 21012 The medal was jointly awarded by the Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) and the Canadian Caregiver Coalition (CCC). The award was in recognition of Whitehead's innovation in home and community care for vulnerable seniors across Canada, and the support it provides to family caregivers. The specific product is called CareLink Advantage and was developed to help keep his mother living safely and independently after she was diagnosed with Alzheimers.

PHOTO: Nadine Henningson, Executive Director Canadian Home Care Association presents John Whitehead with the award in Vancouver British Columbia.

"Given the significance of the Diamond Jubilee medal as a reflection of the Queen's lifelong commitment to service, I can think of no better way to recognize the dedication and commitment that John has shown to the betterment of communities and quality of life in Canada", stated Nadine Henningsen, Executive Director CHCA and President CCC. Through the engagement and involvement of leaders, such as John, we will be able to achieve a vision of integrated health and wellness that provides accessible, responsive services that enable people to safely stay in their homes with dignity, independence and quality of life.

June 2012
CareLink Advantage Now Offers Services In Areas That Fall Outside Of Cellular Coverage Zones
We are pleased to be able to offer our services to more clients, specifically those in areas with weak GSM signal strength. “As our services move across Canada, this is an important piece of the puzzle as not all areas of Canada have the same level of cellular signal strength” says, John Whitehead, President of CareLink Advantage. Our primary method of connectivity will continue to be via a GSM based module, however we can now offer our services to clients via a broadband connection. CareLink Advantage founded in 2007, offers affordable solutions that dramatically help caregivers take care of Mom and/or Dad, and keep their loved ones living independently. Call us at 1-866-876-7401 for further information.
January 2012
January 2012
December, 2011
Sensor Technology Helps Alberta Seniors Stay at Home
Learn how CareLink Advantage is helping Alberta Seniors Stay at Home
November, 2011
CareLink Advantage now funded in the Province of New Brunswick
The New Brunswick Department of Social Development has received the final report and have now added CareLink Advantage to their basket of funded services.
October 2011
CareLink Advantage featured on CTV News
Learn about The CareLink Advantage System, it’s devices and how this can benefit you and your family!
Video Link
September 2011
CareLink Advantage now protecting seniors in the Province of NewFoundland
CareLink Advantage is now available in NewFoundland, visit to learn more.
February 2011
CareLink Advantage Being Piloted in The Province of Alberta
Alberta Health Services: Continuing Care Technology Innovation Pilot Project wraps up at the end of December 2011. Interim results of this unique pilot show very positive results. The final report is due out in March 2012.
Learn more about what The CareLink Advantage system, and how it can assist you and your family similar to Mr Krzysik, who has this to say…“the technology allows him and his wife to be reassured if something were to happen if he was home alone.”
To learn more about the CareLink Advantage system and The Alberta Health Services Continuing Care Technology Innovation pilot.
February 2011
CareLink Advantage in Ontario based Hospitals
CareLink Advantage is working with Ontario Hospitals to reduce the number of Alternate Level of Care (ALC) patients and get them back to their homes sooner.
The anxiety has gone down for all of us. Mom’s blood pressure is down for the first time in a long time. I think it is because she is more relaxed and content.  
Betty M.  
Care Link Advantage Helpline PERS/GPS Medical Information Files
Care Link Advantage Helpline PERS/GPS Medical Information Files
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