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In the Media

February 27, 2008

MidNorth Monitor Article - Link to Life launched in North Shore
The Link to Life Program is a kit the public can use to make sure that important medical information is provided to emergency personnel in situations when the client or their families are unable to do so. The information goes on the fridge and a sticker goes on the door informing emergency personnel information is available about the medical condition(s) of people in the household. The initiative was launched by the Manitoulin-Espanola District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) division earlier this month...

January 16, 2008
BayToday Article - Link to Life Launched in North Bay
With representatives on hand from the Connecting Community Partners in Injury Prevention (CCPIP) the Link to Life project was officially launched at the North Bay Police Service station on Princess Street Tuesday morning. Care Link, an offshoot of True Steel Security, developed a tool to help first responders and emergency personnel obtain important medical information during times of crisis. “We realised that when we dispatch paramedics to assist someone who is in need ... in some cases they are frantic and they are not able to fully communicate...
January 16, 2008
North Bay Nugget Article - Fridge File Could be a Lifesaver
Emergency response workers have another tool to help people in distress in their homes with the Link to Life medical information file folder to be kept on refrigerators by a magnetic strip. The plastic pouch holds vital health and medical information for ambulance, fire and police to find when they come across someone unable to communicate their conditions. The system was developed by Care Link, a 24-hour medical alarm response division of True Steel Security and Northern Communications. Kevin Buckland, client satisfaction manager, said the company realized the coordinated approach...
January 8, 2008
Timmins Daily Press Article - File under 'L' for lifesaving
A private company called Care Link is ensuring that people in the North have a means of communicating with paramedics or physicians even if they are unresponsive through the Link to Life Medical Information Files. Representatives of Care Link, as well as from Timmins and District Hospital, Cochrane District Emergency Medical Services and the Porcupine Health Unit, were on hand Monday to announce the distribution of these vital pieces of paper. "The original concept for the design of the Link to Life Medical Information File was essentially to...
January 8, 2008
Timmins Times Article - Lifesaving "Fridge Magnet"
A private communications firm is working with the public sector to provide a free service aimed at saving lives in Northern Ontario. Northern Communications / True Steel Security is the parent company that is sponsoring the Link to Life medical information file that has been endorsed by every major health care agency and hospital in Timmins and across Northeastern Ontario. the Link to Life program, which is free to local residents, is a compact vinyl packet that contains essential medical information about the homeowner or a person with a medical condition...
May 18, 2007
Sudbury Star Article - Link to Life Eases Medical Frustrations
When paramedics rush to a residence and whisk someone away in an ambulance, it's critical they, and later emergency department workers, get as much medical and prescription information as possible about the patient. "There's nothing more frustrating than having a sick patient and trying to figure out what medications they are on and they say 'I take a yellow one in the morning, and a red one in the evening,'" said Dr. Rob Lepage, A sudbury Regional Hospital emergency medicine physician...
October 4, 2003
Associated Press - Technology Slowly Adapted By Elderly
Wireless networks, fast Internet connections and smart kitchen appliances are the rage in hightech homes for the hip, young and well-to-do. Slowly, the elderly are adapting to digital lifestyle technologies, allowing them to stay longer in their homes, relieve burdens of caregivers, and, ultimately, reduce health care costs. It's a far cry from the rudimentary panic-button devices plugged by those campy "Help, I've fallen, and I can't get up" TV commercials....

Press Releases

December 1, 2004

True Steel Announces Care Link
John Whitehead, VP & General Manager of True Steel Security announces a new product and a new brand to help people in their time of need. Care Link is a system that provides 24 hour Emergency Medical Response. At the push of a button, you or your loved ones can know that help is on the way. The idea is simple but the benefits are great. Anyone, a senior, a person who is medically fragile or anyone that has a need wears a pendant or a bracelet. When they feel that help is needed they simply press the button....


November 23, 2007

Sudbury Link for Life Launch Event
In Sudbury in November 2007 Care Link hosted a launch of our Link to Life which was well attended by the various parties including Greater Sudbury EMS, Rainbow District Crime Stoppers and Greater Sudbury Police.

This system is an economical way for us to keep her in her home.  
Betty M.  
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