independent living solutions Care Link Advantage - Panic Buttons for Medical Alarm Systems
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Care Link Advantage - Push Buttons to Medical Alarm Systems

Every situation is different.

  • Is your loved one dealing with physical challenges, mental challenges, or both? 
  • Are they in an apartment or home? 
  • What is the physical layout of the home? 
  • Do they live alone? 
  • Are there children, grandchildren, neighbours and/or friends who want to be involved in assisting? 
  • Where do these caregivers live?

We can help you to determine which is more appropriate for your specific situation, our Helpline PERS/GPS or our Care Link Advantage System!

It gives me peace of mind. My dad does not need monitoring all the time. But if he fell he would not tell you. If he falls at night, he cannot get up by himself so CareLink Advantage would prevent him from lying there all night. I can check in on him. Everyone is amazed… We didn’t know anything like this existed.  
Christina V (New Brunswick)  
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