Improving Lives Through Digital Technology

The illustration below is a result of a Pan-Canadian survey of 600 family caregivers which is from the perspective of the caregiver and not their loved-one. It’s an important message as engaging and retaining caregiver support is key to the future of managing our aging population. The researcher’s purpose was to better understand caregivers’ holistic goals throughout their care-journeys and the potential role of technology to help meet their goals. The key highlights are summarized below.

Caregiver top 3 ranked goals:

  1. Physical Health: Caregivers want more sleep and time to exercise
  2. Mental and Emotional Health
  3. Financial Well-being

CareLink Advantage caregiver testimonials consistently confirm that we hit the mark on all three of their top ranked goals. We help them free up some time…to exercise…which helps them sleep better. We reduce their worry, especially at night…which absolutely helps them sleep better. We make their caregiving role easier…which allows them to cope better and find a better balance between their caregiving life and personal life. They worry much less with our system in place and feel less guilty as they know they truly are keeping their loved one safer. With respect to finances, we have seen many caregivers be able to continue working and earning money while they care for a loved one…because the technology frees them up to do so. We have even seen people go back to work after adding our technology to their care plans.

The message is clear, “Caregivers benefit by using technology in care”… we hear it from family members daily! The following testimonial shared by a family member recently says it all! “Without CareLink Advantage we would not have been able to keep my Mom in her home”.