Other Safety Equipment

GPS Watch Locator System

Our lockable, Helpline GPS Locator watch with Geo-fence capability is the solution. Using the Rogers cellular network, this device will operate wherever there is cell coverage. To ensure you are alerted when a potential wandering situation has arisen, customize your geo-fence(s) and then if your loved-one steps outside these “safe zones” be alerted via text or email.

Using your smartphone or web based browser, track your loved one’s whereabouts, anytime, anywhere using the mobile app or web-based dashboard when connected to the internet. With an optional integrated SOS button for your loved one to signal you it will provide you and your loved-one with peace of mind, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Automatic Stove Shut Off Device

The iGuardStove Intelligent model can connect to the Internet giving you fantastic stove fire prevention but it also offers other amazing Safety and Home Care features.  These patented features are ONLY available on the iGuardStove and are designed for kitchen fire safety situations that require higher levels of protection and monitoring. It’s great for apartments, homes, Adult Living communities and more and it’s also an Autism safe stove product.

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