Regarding Little Things

Every so often something happens that does my heart good and reminds me why I choose to do what I do for a living. Mostly small simple things that combined seem to add up to something just a little more in the big picture. I’d like to share one.

Today we installed matching his ‘n’ hers CareLink pendants for a couple both turning 88 this year who have been married for 69 years and are still living in their own home together. In their living room they have two recliners side by side, about 4″ apart facing the television. The walls are covered in photos that I’m sure span over most of their 69 years of marriage.

What we do may help these folks to spend a month, or a year, or maybe more, in their own home, together; and give their families some peace of mind in the process. So what to me today may have seemed like just another day and another job, to them at this stage in their lives could very well be priceless.

That’s it, just a little thing.

Bill B., Installer CareLink Advantage & Helpline