There is pressure and guilt when deciding whether your loved one can continue to live at home.

Dad wants to stay in his house.  If I leave him there…there is risk…and he could get hurt.  I would feel awful if that happened.  But if I force him to move to a safer environment…I would feel awful about that too.  If I could just figure out a way for him to be safe in his own home…without undue burden and stress on us…our dilemma would be over.  CareLink Advantage does exactly what you are looking for!

It was sure wonderful to be able to keep her in her own home for two extra years. She was so happy to be at home, I’m really happy as I told her I would try and take care of her at home…I’m almost 100% sure I couldn’t have done that without CareLink Advantage.

Daughter of client, New Brunswick

Thanks so much for your long-distance support with her Carelink alarm system and your efforts initially to try and find a watch that would suit her needs.  You offer amazing and personal service and the sensor/alarm system allowed my mom to live safely and independently in her own apartment–for a year longer than she would have been able to do without it.

Daughter of client, British Columbia

The best was the medical stand.  My mom insisted that she was always taking her medicine, but the emails proved otherwise, which I thought was the case as she would have extra days in the pack or skip taking them once and take them all at the same time.  The other was the camera in the kitchen as I would take her grocery shopping, but she would not be using the items she purchased.  This could be seen when they were left on the counter or in that she was seldom even in the kitchen.  When I visited she had lots of food left.

Daughter of client, Alberta

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