Thanks to the Carelink Advantage system, my 94 year old mother was able to live in her own home with dementia for longer than would have been expected: she was only very recently admitted to a nursing home. We have been users of the system for 4 years… It has been a lifesaver! I found the company through an internet search when looking for solutions to help her remain alone at home, since hiring 24-hour help was cost prohibitive. The system has been indispensable in managing behaviors such as wandering and enabled me to determine when she was out of bed at nights. It also facilitated management of the cadre of support workers that were in and out of the house for her care.

From start to finish the experience was stellar. Gord has been very personable, understanding and accommodating, taking his time to help customize a system with features that would work for our specific case. He was very thorough with the installation of the cameras and sensors taking his time to ensure that our needs would be met through the devices.

I highly recommend this system to families looking for solutions to help their loved one maintain some level of independence at home. It can help to delay nursing home admission in some cases which is important considering that wait lists are long and the homes are often sterile and understaffed. Nothing beats aging in place where feasible.

Don’t hesitate to try the system… read through the website to get an understanding of the options then give Carelink a call.

Daughter of client, Ontario

Dear Gord, I’ve meant to write you a million times since your company installed an alert door system in our mother-in-law’s home in Toronto Canada. As you know, since the pandemic, we were not able to see our in-law for several years. And in that period of time, our mother-in-law developed dementia with hallucinations and exiting tendencies. Being here in New York, I cannot tell you how frustrating and scary it was not knowing what was going on so far away, whether she was “escaping” the apartment, opening a door, or if she was actually already in the street by herself!!

I found your company through a referral list sent to me when she was actually hospitalized from one of her episodes and the police found her roaming the streets in the middle of the night. Imagine our fear when we got a phone call from the hospital. Before her release and after many long hours on the phone with different departments, we were sent a referral list of companies who offered monitors for just this kind of event. After several long conversations with you and many of the other companies on the list, it was obvious you and your company were just what we needed. You took all the time I needed to talk with me, go over what was best for us, and address our concerns of picking a company so far away sight-unseen. Not only did you ask the right questions, but all of this was done in such an expeditious manner as we needed this to be put in place immediately! And this you did. Within about a week’s time, everything was in place to set this all up.

It is now a little past a year with your system in place. In the beginning we were getting notifications all the time. Door open. Door closed. Door not closed properly. We were absolutely shocked at how often she was leaving or trying to leave the apartment. Her partner who was also not well, was not able to adequately tell us all this time what was actually happening. So when the system was finally installed and alarm after alarm went off we not only were now aware of how severe the situation was but more importantly, we were able to set up other monitoring systems as an adjunct to your system to help us from here in New York and not have to travel to Canada.

We also installed cameras which made all the difference and made your system so complete. At one point after all the exterior doors were hooked up, I realized we also needed an alarm on her interior bedroom so we knew not only when she got to an outside door which many times was too late for us to intervene, but with the interior bedroom alarm we knew when she was “simply” on the move ahead of her getting to an exterior door. And for this alarm, you personally came and set it up as it did need some special programming.

In short, your system has truly made all the difference for us. We cannot thank you enough for everything you did and in such a gentle, loving way without frightening either of our in-laws either. This is for sure something that can be disturbing or frightening to elderly people and your personal touch comforted everyone involved.

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you…. I would always be happy to help or talk to anyone thinking of using your firm. Don’t think – just do! You will be so satisfied… oh, and I forgot to mention. The cost – so fair and reasonable.

Grateful family of client, New York to Ontario

Thank you Gord Turner and CareLink Advantage!  CareLink Advantage was such a Godsend to our family. We had it for just over 2 years until our Mom’s passing. It brought us peace of mind with our Mom who wanted nothing more but to stay living in her home of 70 years, despite having dementia.  With the various sensors and the cameras on the exterior doors, we knew Mom was safe. With the app and alerts, it added that extra monitoring needed in addition to the caregivers and family members visiting throughout the day. Because of CareLink we didn’t need to have people 24/7 in the house, which was important to Mom for her to have her privacy. More importantly, it meant Mom didn’t have to be moved to a care facility. Even during her final weeks of illness, when a family member was always in the house with her, the CareLink sensors and cameras continued to help us with monitoring. 

Gord, you provided such excellent service. Always available for questions and so helpful and kind. The work you do is so important! Thank you! As a family we are truly grateful and highly recommend the service. We wouldn’t hesitate to use it again if the need arises. It was invaluable to us.

Daughter of client, British Columbia

I wanted to send a quick note to say how well your equipment has already worked!  Within two days of hooking up mom’s bed monitor it was obvious something wasn’t right. She was getting up repeatedly to use the washroom. Of course with her dementia she has no memory of doing so. I took her to the doctor yesterday and she was diagnosed with a bladder infection. We would never have known this without your gear.

So a big thanks to you.

Daughter of client, British Columbia

Thank you Gord for the chance to keep my husband home for as long as it was. All the kids were able to watch out for him if he fell. etc, when it was necessary for me to be away from the house. The service was excellent, installation and removal was so nicely done. Can’t thank you and your service enough.

Spouse of client, British Columbia

When my Mum was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s her wish was to stay in her matrimonial house as long as she was able. As the disease progressed we became aware of CareLink Advantage through a family friend and quickly realized the potential for monitoring our Mum’s activities remotely to ensure her safety and well-being while allowing her to live where she was most comfortable. In addition, it allowed our family to share in the responsibilities associated with the caretaking no matter where they resided. Close to three years later we unfortunately had to move Mum into a long term care home. We certainly could not have sustained her lifestyle in her home without the assistance of the CareLink Advantage system and their dedicated responsive team.  
Son of client, Ontario

I want to thank you on behalf of myself and my family for the great service and support we received over the last year regarding the home monitoring system. The system literally allowed my mother to stay in her apartment the additional year while we waited for the right assisted living facility to become available. The ability to discretely monitor the daily activities while allowing a level of personal privacy for my mom, greatly reduced stress and a lot of running back and forth to check on her. The system suited our initial needs but also had the flexibility to be changed as the dynamics of my mother’s situation changed. For us, Carelink Advantage was the bridge that got us all through a potentially difficult time in my mother’s life. I would highly recommend the system.

Son of client, Nova Scotia

My elderly loved one was independent, living alone and functioning well with low level dementia. Then she took a bad tumble and her life and mine changed forever. She was in the hospital and the diagnosis was ‘accelerated vascular dementia’, exacerbated by the head trauma and would require 24/7 supervision. The prognosis was not favourable and the heavy-duty pressure was on for immediate admission to a long term care facility. That was right in the climax of escalating cases of COVID 19 running rampant in these facilities. I could not bring myself to see that happen and was desperate for alternate solutions. No-one had one.

I decided I could care for her but not with 24/7 supervision, if she fell or got disoriented or some other unforeseen accident, I was responsible and full time PSW care was cost prohibitive. I did some research and found “The CARElink Advantage”. It offered video surveillance, bed monitoring and sensors on the doors and more. It seemed more oriented towards “living” at home options vs video surveillance that seemed prevailing. It offered everything I required and an opportunity to provide the mandatory 24/7 supervision while still maintaining her dignity and sense of privacy. I countered the LTC option with The CARElink Advantage service, the hospital out-patient case manager was thrilled with the idea. It allowed us to utilize a wait-at-home program, where she was prioritized on the wait list for a LTC “bed” while waiting in the comfort of her own home and surroundings.

I was really nervous about taking this on, but then I spoke with Gord who walked me through everything, offering suggestions and advice. It was all I needed and more. He set-up the inconspicuous equipment (important so it didn’t draw unwanted attention) quickly and showed me the easy-to-use, secure, web-based dashboard that I could access from anywhere, anytime. I LOVED the phone app. I didn’t have to follow her around, if I was worried I just tuned into the room of choice. It really was a game changer, I could intervene before any damage could be done and it provided peace of mind in the middle of the night if I heard anything, I didn’t have to disturb her (or me) just tuned in to ensure she was safe. It really took the strain off the relationship of caregiver/adult babysitter, she still deserved her dignity and independence and the discreet surveillance allowed us more time to just be, each doing what we wanted and not building resentments. The system was secure and reliable and if I wanted to tweak anything I had access through the dashboard or Gord was always just a call away (literally always available to me). The CARE Link Advantage service, gave us both a quality of life that changed the course of her life. Instead of her being shuffled off to the nearest Long-term care facility, she was able to wait until eventually being accepted into a beautiful long-term care “home”. She is happy, healthy and thriving. It would have been a very different ending had it not been for the advantages we were able to utilize through The CARElink Advantage service that Gord brought into our lives. In retrospect, before her accident, this would also have been an ideal, proactive “safely stay-at-home-independent” solution.

If you are the guardian or a caregiver of an individual, at whatever age for whatever reason, who would benefit from being discreetly monitored for safety, I strongly urge you to look into your options and then give Gord a call!

Ever grateful,

Caregiver to loved-one, Ontario

Thanks very much for all your help with this great system. Without it we would not have been able to keep my Mom in her home.

Daughter of client, British Columbia

My only regret is that we didn’t have the CLA system sooner.  We really could have used the help that the CLA provided a few years earlier.  After the pilot project finished, we continued with CLA because we found the system so valuable and worthwhile. Unfortunately, Mom reached the point where her short term memory was so poor that she physically needed someone with her and is now in a long term care facility.

Daughter of client, Nova Scotia

We all want to thank you for your support and assistance in keeping mom in her home as long as possible. CareLink Advantage allowed Mom to remain safely in her own home for an additional 15 months, well beyond our expectations of where everyone thought she would need to move into a Long Term Care Facility. The service and response from you was much appreciated as you understood the importance to ensure mom’s health and safety.

Son of client, Nova Scotia

The CareLink Advantage System allowed my mother who is in her 90’s to live in her own home for another 4 years before having to move to a special care home. Even though I live in another province, this system allowed me to check on my mother regularly.  I would highly recommend CareLink Advantage.

Daughter of client, New Brunswick

I am writing to record a note of appreciation for the great service that we received from CareLink Advantage for keeping a watchful eye over my elderly father. My dad lives in a semi-autonomous senior residence. I travel a lot and worry that he could have a mishap when he is alone. Thanks to CareLink Advantage, I am able to keep an eye on him through my smartphone or PC and I receive alerts triggered by any unusual event or by a door left open too long. It gives me peace of mind.

At times, I’ve had to reach out to CareLink Advantage for help and never had to wait for a response. The support is reassuring and excellent. I recommend CareLink Advantage without hesitation to anyone who needs to be reassured of the wellbeing of an ageing loved one when they’re alone.

Son of client, Quebec

The system is everything you said it would be.  The best feature by far, are the cameras.  I did not expect that.  At the start, the main attraction for the cameras was to identify where our Mom had fallen – so an emergency response feature.  However, as you had indicated, the real benefit was going to be “comfort” and peace of mind.  I view the cameras regularly, mostly as means of just touching base.  From movements I can tell if Mom is happy or sad.  It cuts the heart to see that she spends so much time on the couch, alone.  So, that activates more phone calls, more visits.  It’s stuff you are not aware of unless you see it for yourself.   On your advice, I also watch for smoothness in here gait.  I see the video clips of Mom going to the fridge in the middle of the night, almost like clockwork.  I look for how Mom’s body language was with her – is she comfortable or nervous?  In today’s world, trust is not something you can just assume, so seeing a healthy interaction was comforting.

Overall, the system vastly exceeds my expectations.

For the life of me, I do not understand why the Ontario government does not cover or at least subsidize the cost of systems like this.  There are so many families who need it.  Without it, my Mother would not be able to remain in her own home.

Son of client, Ontario

With a sudden turn in my mother’s dementia and the urge to start wandering, CareLink Advantage came into play so that she was able to stay in her assisted living facility for many more months than expected.  She was about to be asked to leave if the family could not assure staff that she was not going to wander between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.  Staff of CareLink Advantage were genuinely concerned and with their quick actions and excellent service monitors were installed immediately within days. Alerts sent to my phone and computer were very handy and the software was easy to use and understand.  We were fortunate to have this service subsidized by government services until she could be placed into a secured care facility.  CareLink Advantage took the stress out of worrying and family was able to go back to relaxed evenings and regular routines.

Daughter of client, British Columbia

The best was the medical stand.  My mom insisted that she was always taking her medicine, but the emails proved otherwise, which I thought was the case as she would have extra days in the pack or skip taking them once and take them all at the same time.  The other was the camera in the kitchen as I would take her grocery shopping, but she would not be using the items she purchased.  This could be seen when they were left on the counter or in that she was seldom even in the kitchen.  When I visited she had lots of food left.

Daughter of client, Alberta

I love the cameras and the notifications. It is helping all of us a lot. My sister out of town loves it. Mom really likes the medication compliance stand. When she used to forget to take her medications she would take a double dose to catch up. Now when she forgets it, the system calls her right away and she no longer truly forgets it and does not have to take double doses.

Daughter of client, New Brunswick

I am so happy with CareLink Advantage. You have made things so easy and simple and so non-invasive for my mom and us as a family. There is nothing that I would change about it and there is nothing I don’t like about it. I really don’t know how I could get along without it now. Mom seems relieved that I am “peeking at her” as she calls it…lol…and it’s such a relief to be able to check on her whenever I want. Before I had CareLink Advantage, I was making trips up to mom’s frequently to check on her when she didn’t answer the phone, especially at night! Now I just go online, and check and she is usually turned away from the phone and doesn’t hear it. I always worried about someone getting in the house at night, even though the door was locked. Now the alarm rings if anyone goes in after a certain time at night. Such peace of mind! I really don’t think mom could still be at home without CareLink Advantage…it has become a very important part of her care. I hope more people will be able to have access to it.

Daughter of client, New Brunswick

Peace of mind, theirs and yours.

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