Considering Home Care or Retirement Living?

Having home care in the house with your loved one around the clock would be ideal.  But very few could ever afford this.  Having home care for a portion of the day, say 3-4 hours, would certainly be helpful.  But even 3-4 hours per day is costly.  And even if you can afford this, it only protects your loved-one for those 3-4 hours during the day. What about the other 20-21 hours per day when the senior is home alone? With CareLink Advantage that worry is removed…you have 24-hour coverage!

Home Care vs CareLink Advantage Cost Comparison


Annual Cost

Cost of 2 home care hours / day (assumes $30/hr)


Add CareLink Advantage with 24-hour protection (~$150/month)


Annual Savings


Retirement Living vs. CareLink Advantage Cost Comparison


Annual Cost

Annual cost of Retirement Living (~$4000/month)


Annual cost for staying at home (rent, taxes food…)


Additional Cost required to live in Retirement Residence (48K-30K)


Add in 24-hour protection of CareLink Advantage


Annual Savings to stay at home with 24-hour CareLink Advantage


This has enabled her to stay in her home longer, and stalling the admission to a retirement home, and we declined a LTC bed! CareLink Advantage is costing us about $1200 less per month than the alternative we were considering. It absolutely has reduced our stress. I feel it is a wonderful alternative for seniors who wish to stay at home longer and delay the cost of alternative living whether it is a retirement home setting or LTC or even implementing home care services.

Daughter of client, Ontario

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