CareLink Advantage gives Senior’s the Opportunity to Age in Place…where they want to be!

Whenever a client moves to the next level of care, it becomes more expensive for the Health Authority. Seniors are much happier and healthier when they are in their own home. Families would like to keep them there as long as possible too! Caregiver stress/burnout often leads to premature placement of seniors.  CareLink Advantage supports the caregiver and allows them to continue in their role…which allows the senior to remain in their home.

Keep your loved one in the community longer…

In our pilot with CareLink Advantage, we have primarily achieved savings and efficiencies by using the technology to delay admissions to complex care by maintaining the client longer in the community.  We have included the utilization of CareLink in our budget strategies.

Island Health Employee

Thanks so much for your long-distance support with her Carelink alarm system and your efforts initially to try and find a watch that would suit her needs.  You offer amazing and personal service and the sensor/alarm system allowed my mom to live safely and independently in her own apartment–for a year longer than she would have been able to do without it.

Daughter of client, British Columbia

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