Thank you Gord Turner and CareLink Advantage!  CareLink Advantage was such a Godsend to our family. We had it for just over 2 years until our Mom’s passing. It brought us peace of mind with our Mom who wanted nothing more but to stay living in her home of 70 years, despite having dementia.  With the various sensors and the cameras on the exterior doors, we knew Mom was safe. With the app and alerts, it added that extra monitoring needed in addition to the caregivers and family members visiting throughout the day. Because of CareLink we didn’t need to have people 24/7 in the house, which was important to Mom for her to have her privacy. More importantly, it meant Mom didn’t have to be moved to a care facility. Even during her final weeks of illness, when a family member was always in the house with her, the CareLink sensors and cameras continued to help us with monitoring. 

Gord, you provided such excellent service. Always available for questions and so helpful and kind. The work you do is so important! Thank you! As a family we are truly grateful and highly recommend the service. We wouldn’t hesitate to use it again if the need arises. It was invaluable to us.

Daughter of client, British Columbia

Thanks very much for all your help with this great system. Without it we would not have been able to keep my Mom in her home.

Daughter of client, British Columbia

We all want to thank you for your support and assistance in keeping mom in her home as long as possible. CareLink Advantage allowed Mom to remain safely in her own home for an additional 15 months, well beyond our expectations of where everyone thought she would need to move into a Long Term Care Facility. The service and response from you was much appreciated as you understood the importance to ensure mom’s health and safety.

Son of client, Nova Scotia

The Carelink Advantage System allowed my mother who is in her 90’s to live in her own home for another 4 years before having to move to a special care home. Even though I live in another province, this system allowed me to check on my mother regularly.

I would highly recommend Carelink Advantage.

Daughter of client, New Brunswick

I am a clinician working with a Health Authority in British Columbia. Over the past three months, I have had the opportunity to witness firsthand, the success of CareLink Advantage technology. Motion sensors have been used for two of my clients for the purpose of keeping them safe overnight while alleviating the need for a one-to-one caregiver. This has been a tremendous success and has decreased the number of Home Support hours required by 372 hrs/month each. In a time where care needs often exceed the number of staff available, CareLink Advantage has proven to be a safe and truly successful alternative.

This equated to a monthly savings of >$11K/month

Health Authority Clinician

Thanks so much for your long-distance support with her Carelink alarm system and your efforts initially to try and find a watch that would suit her needs.  You offer amazing and personal service and the sensor/alarm system allowed my mom to live safely and independently in her own apartment-for a year longer than she would have been able to do without it.  It truly gave us peace of mind, knowing that my mom was safely indoors at night, and saved a lot of panicked trips to check on her.  It allowed us to supervise her actions and movements to a large extent, from our own home without being overly intrusive. I had been hesitant at first about the whole notion of setting up sensors but this year of experience certainly made me a fan of the services you offer; I would happily recommend your company to anyone who has a family member living with dementia.

Daughter of client, British Columbia

I absolutely love the service.  I think it is genius and respectful.  You and your installers are also top notch, very professional.  I have heard 0 complaints from anyone who has been in contact with you, or your installers – always 100% satisfied experiences/families. 

Social Worker, Dept. of Social Development, New Brunswick

Peace of mind, theirs and yours.

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