How CareLink Advantage is Helping to Reduce ALC Pressure

We understand that not all ALC patients will be able to go home.  But what if something came along that in conjunction with the currently used home support would allow 5-10% of these patients to go home?  Even with these small percentages there is tremendous savings potential both on healthcare dollars and on bed flow.

Assuming a client remains in ALC for one month at a cost of $800 per day…

  Total Savings
With CareLink Advantage added, client goes home 20 days earlier, saving the hospital $16,000
One-month cost of CareLink Advantage ($150)
New Care Plan includes 3 hrs/day of Home Care for 20 days (assumes $25/hr) ($1,500)
Net Immediate savings to hospital/ALC with Client going home 20 days earlier…not to mention you have now freed up an ALC Bed! $14,350


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