Leveraging Continuing Care Dollars and Home Support Worker Hours

With existing care plans, many families opt to exchange one hour of home support per day in order to have CareLink Advantage added to their care plan. The result is 24-hour care! With new care plans, care coordinators have seen the benefits of combining CareLink Advantage with home support hours and are taking the extra step of proactively exchanging one of the hours they typically would assign and are injecting the 24-hour protection that CareLink Advantage provides. In effect, they are using CareLink Advantage further upstream. The combination of home care hours and CareLink Advantage together provides a safer environment for the senior, reduced stress and burnout for the family/caregivers and significant reduction in costs to the Health Authority.


Total Monthly Savings

Client receiving 3 Hours of Home care per day (assumes $25 per H/C hour)


Client agrees to exchange 1 hour of Home care per day with 24-hour coverage of CareLink Advantage


Cost of CareLink Advantage per month


Immediate savings; per client, per month


Projected Home Care and Hours Saved with CareLink Advantage


Monthly Savings

Annual Savings


Healthcare Dollars Saved

Home Care Hours Saved

Healthcare Dollars Saved

Home Care Hours Saved

1 Client





1000 Clients





2000 Clients





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